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New on 500px : Mountain Lake by faizan by faizan

This was the reward that awaited me after completing a gruelling, nerve wrecking, absolutely spirit shattering 7km hike to a height of nearly 10,500 feet. This was on the descent from the mountains seen in the background in the remote area of Northern Pakistan known as the Kaghan Valley. Here, in the town of Naran, is the entrance to the popular Saif Ul Malook lake, situated behind the mountains you see on the top.

When we got to the lake, it was snowing and the lake was practically frozen. Disheartened, on the way back I found this opening between the rocks where this stream was gushing forth, forming part of the Kunhar River that cuts through the valley for over a 100km.

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New on 500px : Cancun Beach Mexico by EkaterinaGoroshko by EkaterinaGoroshko

Cancun – one of the best know tourist destinations in the world. This no one visiting can be in doubt of. But 40 years ago, this area was bare nature, and there was only three residents here. Hard to imagine when you drive along the endless lines of hotels. The first nine hotels was build by the Mexican government, because investors didn’t quite believe in the future for Cancun. Also quite hard to imagine today.


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