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New on 500px : s t o r m 4 by aaronpryor by aaronpryor

finally some clouds here in port macquarie, its been about 3 weeks since even a lil fluffy cloud has been seen, but the wait is over… today there came & brought the goodness… this was taken a town’s beach at sunset..

many thanks & cheers..

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New on 500px : At The World’s End by alexandreehrhard by alexandreehrhard

Pointe Saint-Mathieu, France.
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The pointe Saint-Mathieu (Lok Mazé in Breton) is a headland located near Le Conquet in the territory of the commune of Plougonvelin in France, flanked by 20m high cliffs.

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New on 500px : Horseshoe Bend in R,G,B by Jingyu by Jingyu

In R,G,B, I mean Red rock, Green river and Blue sky 🙂 This is almost a must-go place for all when you visit Antelope Canyon – such a breathtaking view and easy to hike to. One tour guide recommended us to go there between 2pm-4pm. We arrived at around 2:00 there and captured the view with the river reflecting the sunlight. I wish I could stay longer for the sunset shot.

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