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New on 500px : Ancient Sandstone Canyons by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

An original take on an ancient canyon that makes up part of the very origin of the 277 mile long, over a mile deep, Grand Canyon. With 4 workshops coming up in the area, I am getting very excited about the awesome privilege of guiding my clients to some original SW locations either rarely or never photographed.

Processing techniques are explained in my various Photoshop Video Tutorials. Feel free to Facebook me or visit WildForLight.com

Thank you for looking. 🙂

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New on 500px : Mittens by kewlkoti by kewlkoti

Mittens @ Monument Valley. No wonder it is a favorite spot for Hollywood. I am excited for Transformers IV as it was being shot at this place. It was difficult to get shots here and had to wait for a while to get this, due to sand storm.

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New on 500px : Water Painting by jasonjhatfield by jasonjhatfield

“Water Painting”
The water and sand of Archangel Cascades forming interesting patterns along the hike to The SUbway,

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New on 500px : Chase the Path by kewlkoti by kewlkoti

Shafer trail in Canyonlands Utah…one of the best off road experiences

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New on 500px : Cosmic Cliff Dwelling by shanemcdermott by shanemcdermott

Definitely view this one on black!

I shot this image a few years back but wanted to share it here. This was difficult to execute and took three different trips to catch favorable night skies and learn how to light the kiva and pit in a way that looked somewhat natural.

Ten flash strobes were used to light the overhang and floor of the kiva while my coleman lantern was used to light the pit. However, this is a single image shot at 2.8 at iso 3200

BTW this is a somewhat remote location within Canyonlands NP, but will not soon be disclosed by the rangers if asked.

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