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New on 500px : The river that travels through the forest by Vitergir by Vitergir

This river begins in one of the most beautiful places in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It follows in the natural boundary Hadzhyna from under the mountain of Rebra сirque. It cuts deep into the mountains and form a beautiful canyon. In the canyon meets alpine and subalpine vegetation zones. During spring snowmelt fills the entire river valley canyon. Then she is incredibly beautiful, with a rapid flow very dangerous.

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New on 500px : river of dreams by Vitergir by Vitergir

she will dip his hands into the sand as the dough. It will make it a day, this unreleased colorful.

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New on 500px : Храм в горах. Temple in mountains. by jironkin by jironkin

Храм возле кладбища в горах. Яремче. Карпаты.
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