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New on 500px : Golden Cascades by firestar222 by firestar222

A perfect late afternoon hike through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 🙂

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New on 500px : Green Harmony by DustinGent by DustinGent

Yesterday my buddy Kibbons and I headed out to hit some spots in the Gorge. Crazy enough, I hadn’t shot in the Gorge in over a year. Stunning, I know.

Anyways, we shot up here for a few hours and I wanted to check out Elowah. I hadn’t been there in 2-3 years, so it was time for a visit. By the time I was at dip down point, it was roughly 12pm/ The light was horrid, HOWEVER clouds were throwing me a bone and masking the sun, if for only 45 seconds at a time.

I got down to the creek, a bit downstream from the main spot where a lot of people shoot this falls. I didn’t like what I was seeing, and was contemplating just leaving. No point in taking photos I will never use or do anything with. If I want “memory photos”, that is what my phone is for 🙂

So i took a single image, just to see what time it was. Brian and I were going to meet at the truck at 1pm or so, and the time was 12:20ish, so I had some time to play. As I was walking creekside, I slipped on a rock, and had a helping full of boulder. My camera and lens went flying (tripod mounted and no lens cap on, how I roll), and I new right away my shoulder was dislocated.

I tried to get it back into socket – even pulling a Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4 – where Jet Li works him on the pier. The power of movie magic. It didn’t work for me. So here I am creek side with one good arm to use, and in pain. I tore an ACL totally off years ago, and worked through that pain (horrible pain), but this was 10 times worse. Remember I am down about 20-30 feet from the trail, down a boot path.

When I went to put the camera in my bag, the memory card door was open, and I thought it was toast. Nope. This thing is like a timex. Takes a licking and keeps on clicking. The lens hood isn’t pretty and has marks on the hood, but still works as new.

So after maybe 20 minutes of mustering up the strength to crawl out of here, I get up to the trail. I looked like I was one of the actors from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. I was walking hunched over with my right hand almost dragging the ground. By chance, when I got to the fork in the trail, I saw Brian. By this time, I was in bad shape. Luckily there were some of the nicest people helping out. On my way down, when I would let people pass me on the trail (coming the opposite way – hiking ettiquete :)), I would give a friendly hello. No ONE said anything to me. Kinda weird.

So after 5 hours of my shoulder being dislocated, they had to put me under to get it back into socket. Crazy. I am afraid to see the Dr. bill. Ofcourse I think the place I went to was out of network, but whatever. The Emergency Room crew was by far the nicest people I have ever met. If you live on the west side of the Portland Metro area, the new Hillsboro Keizer hospital is the place to go!

anyways, I may be out of commission for a while. I fractured my shoulder in 2 spots and may need surgery. Out of all the crazy adventures and risks I have taken, I injure my self at F%$king Elowah. 🙂

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New on 500px : Spring Greens by SarahMarino by SarahMarino

Ron Coscorrosa and I are thrilled to announce our third e-book, Beyond the Grand Landscape: A Guide to Photographing Nature’s Smaller Scenes. This book was a massive project (174 pages, over 250 photographs), but we wanted to do the topic justice. We both enjoy photographing these smaller scenes (intimates, abstracts, and portraits of flowers and plants) quite a bit, and find the process more fulfilling and more personal than trying to capture epic light at well-known destinations on the landscape photography circuit. If you would like to learn more, you can visit our ebook website, Nature Photo Guides. You can save 10% off the introductory price of $15.95 with the coupon code BGL10. Thanks!

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New on 500px : The Tree by warahemato by warahemato

Location : Mae-Ya waterfall

Equipment : LEE ND8 filter + LEE GND 0.6 soft + CPL filter

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New on 500px : Slanted & Enchanted by MichaelBollino by MichaelBollino

Yesterday was one of the good days. The spring greens in the Columbia River Gorge are kicking into full gear, the weather was perfect for shooting (light winds, periods of sun and clouds, crisp light), and I met a bunch of great photographers over dinner and beers. This image was a long time coming for me as I’d shot Dry Creek a few times but never felt all that great about what I came home with. Thanks to everyone involved in yesterday’s jamboree and making it such a memorable day. Long live LPR!


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New on 500px : Gorge Light by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

Please click on image to view on A BLACK background.

Last year I came home from one of my Columbia River Gorge workshops to the greatest personal loss of my entire life. Not knowing how to process the acute grief, I turned around and went back into the Gorge and stayed their in solitude for another month. During this time I often slept in the Eagle Creek area, in my vehicle and every day challenged myself to go farther and deeper into the Gorge than I ever had before (including spending nights in the forest). I have a large load of unprocessed files from that season, but I have not had the time this year to get to processing them. I am about to head off (in an hour) to a landscape summit (meet) of sorts, in the Gorge to meet up with about 25-35 of some of my favorite photographers of all time (a handful from FM will be there too). A lot of them newer blood, infiltrating our ranks with fresh, inspiring, and very creative work. I cant wait to meet them all! So, before I take off I just wanted to at least get one Gorge shot in.

This is a less commonly photographed waterfall up Moffett Creek. I was very inspired, refreshed and in some ways restored by going to some new places. There is nothing quite like hiking way in to a new place and being the only one there all day. Sometimes I would just sit and look and rest for hours not taking a single shot.

I hope you enjoy.

*Please feel free to give me suggestions, critique and or feedback. I genuinely love to keep learning. Also, the image is best viewed on a calibrated desktop monitor on Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Thank you for looking.

I will be on the road the next two days, so SORRY if my responses are delayed!

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New on 500px : Panther Creek Falls by Jonkmanphotography by Jonkmanphotography

A day of paradise at panther creek! My friend Ray Green heard about this waterfall a couple of weeks ago and this was my first trip out here. After getting to photograph these amazing falls I’m not sure whats more impressive the waterfall or the fact that I made it down the treacherous ravine without killing myself! Hope you all enjoy all the torture I put myself through to get these photos for your viewing pleasure.

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