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New on 500px : 50 Photographs Later… by ChadPowellPhotography by ChadPowellPhotography

Due to this image consisting of 50 individual photographs, all taken within the same hour, it took an incredibly long time to stitch together. All that being said, the end result is a 360 degree view of Castle Haven, showing off the entire Milky Way that arches above our heads starting in the south and finishing in the north. Very little adjustments to the milky way were needed, due to the incredibly clear night that evening. What you see here is the most natural colours of our galaxy, and the most accurate we’d see with our eyes if they were as sensitive to light as my camera. Also, the small smudge to the right of the left side of the milky way is in fact the Andromada Galaxy.


via 500px http://ift.tt/1j8XqEU

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