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New on 500px : Turquoise Chapel by GaboWert by GaboWert

The Turquoise Chapel is one of my 54 pieces that form part of my new travel book called Chiapas And Its Vistas; an entire book dedicated to the beautiful Sate of Chiapas in Mexico. This piece was taken just outside San Cristóbal de las Casas near a highway. I hope you enjoy it!

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New on 500px : the church on the hill II by besiaman by besiaman

A church on the hill near the town of Ponsacco, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

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New on 500px : Chapel of St. Bartholomew in the interior of Rio Lobos Canyon Natural Park (Soria, Spain) by dleiva by dleiva

Chapel of St. Bartholomew in the interior of Rio Lobos Canyon, in the area known as El Colmenar de Los Frailes, the chapel was built in the first quarter of the thirteenth century in Romanesque style with a proto-Gothic influence, would have been part of a Templar monasterior which only preserves the chapel, Ucero. Soria, Spain.


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New on 500px : Another View by mirosu by mirosu

Photo from the same Black Forest chapel which I have posted few days ago, this time slightly different POV and format.
I used Nikkor 24-85mm lens (not the spectacular Fisheye lens).
Would be interesting to know which one do you prefer.
Thank you.

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New on 500px : Vitaleta Chapel Tuscany by MarcoCarmassi by MarcoCarmassi

The Chapel Madonna di Vitaleta is a small sacred building that sits on top of a hill on the road that connects San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza.

From it comes the statue of the Madonna attributed to Andrea della Robbia, now in the church dedicated to her in the center of SanQurico, the statue would be purchased in 1553 by a Florentine workshop.
There are traces of the Chapel for the first time in a document of 1590. The appearance today is the result of renovation by architect Joseph Partini. In the 1884 he took ispiration by sixteenth-century models.
The Chapel Madonna di Vitaleta was placed under protection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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New on 500px : Divine Chapel by albydido by albydido

The church, probably from the late Renaissance, is mentioned for the first time in a document of 1590.

The religious building was later redesigned by architect Giuseppe both externally and internally Partini in 1884, inspired by sixteenth-century models.

From it comes the statue of the Madonna attributed to Andrea della Robbia, from 1870 onwards, preserved in the church of Our Lady of Vitaleta in the historic center of San Quirico d’Orcia, which it says purchased in 1553 at a workshop in Florence.

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New on 500px : Black Forest Chapel by mirosu by mirosu

Enough Airplanes, trains and beer…….., let’s start with serious business, photos from Black Forest.
From the 10th century, the foundation of monasteries was the nucleus of many settlements in the Black Forest. From this time many small chapels have been built in the whole region to allow travelers and wanderers to rest and pray. Some of them even older than the parish church in the same area.
The chapel on the photo is one of many chapels located in Black Forest region. The chapel is located near Noegenschwil on the way from St. Blasien to Waldshut at 735m a.s.l. at a beautiful spot with vast views across the south Black Forrest and the Swiss Alps.

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