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New on 500px : Barley Fields in front of Chemrey by Angshu by Angshu

Clinging like a swallow’s nest to the sides of a shay conical hill, the magnificent Gompa of Chemrey sees very few visitors because of its location – tucked up the side valley that runs from below Hemis, to the Chang-la pass into Pangong. If one isn’t having one’s own vehicle, then be prepared to do some walking to get there. It takes around fifty minutes to follow the dirt track down to the river and up to the monastery after the Leh -Thak Thok bus drops one off beside the main road.

This is the view of the Chemrey Conpa as seen from the freshly sowed barley fields.

Chemrey Monastery is a 1664 Buddhist monastery, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) east of Leh, Ladakh, northern India. This monastery of the Drugpa (Red Hat) sect or monastic order in located in eastern Ladakh. It dates back to the 17th century. Today, the Ladakh Chemrey Gompa houses around 20 monks of the diminishing Drugpa community, along with their young novices.

Samsara is a 2001 independent Indian/Italian/French/German film which tells the story of a Buddhist monk’s quest to find Enlightenment was shot near Chemrey.

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