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New on 500px : Missed the Ferry by RolfNachbar by RolfNachbar

well, I had a similar one before in color. Yesterday evening I was reviewing this series and found this one. Now I have a new approach in monochrome… The story behind the image: the lake Chiemsee is the biggest one in Bavaria located in front of the Alps. This pier is the departure point tho its two famous islands “Frauenchiemsee” and “Herrenchiemsee”. The smaller one, Frauenchiemsee, is visible in the background. Long time ago, on both islands were monasteries, one for women on Frauencheimsee and, you might imagine, one for men on the other island. Later in history King Ludwig II of Bavaria built there one of his famous castles. On this day a heavy thunderstorm appeared from the Alps and challenged me and my equipment on the way home… As always, I hope you’ll like the picture…
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New on 500px : Waiting for Fishermen by RolfNachbar by RolfNachbar

These three boast are in the waiting position for fishermen at the “Langbürgener See” a romantic lake near the Chiemsee in Bavaria. I really love this spot a captured a lot of photos. It is a very quiet nature preserve area and not as touristic as the Chiemsee. Well, this will be my last photo for a while – I’ll be on a professional photoshoot in Scandinavia for the next days..
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