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New on 500px : Tasman Valley by highluxphoto by highluxphoto

Tasman Valley and Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake at dawn. Burnett Mountains and Nuns Veil mid frame. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand.

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New on 500px : Life in the Andes, 1964 by jgreer1 by jgreer1

This is a picture of an indian woman herding sheep and goats through the streets of a small town high in the Peruvian Andes. It was cloudy and cold, and symbolic of the hard life many of the indians faced every day.

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New on 500px : WASC09023 by MathewHall by MathewHall

A horse pulling a sleigh with riders on the snow in a forest in the fog.

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New on 500px : Dressed in Cloud by erezmarom by erezmarom

A delicate blanket of clouds caressed mount Festhæltinden, over the small village of Hamnøy.

Next winter’s ‘Northern Spirits‘ (Lofoten Islands), ‘Land of Ice‘ (southern Iceland) and ‘Winter Paradise‘ (northern Iceland) workshops are available on my website. If you’d like to experience and shoot these amazing landscapes with my dedicated guidance, please have a look and consider joining us on these wonderful trips!

You’re welcome to follow me on my facebook page, where you can get a first look at my images, as well as get all the info about my work, photo tours and other news. For prints and licensing, please contact me directly.

Sony A7R
Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II
Hamnøy, Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway

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New on 500px : A cloudy dusk remnant by villaseca by villaseca

After arriving at the top of Cerro Provincia at 2750 meters above sea level, a shroud of mist left an openning for gazing at the incredible landscape. We were 750m above freezing level, and above the clouds.
I took the tripod out and started framing the scene. At 8:30PM there was absolutely no light, only a slight remnant of dusk and the city lights below, so after 30s exposure almost all the light in the photo was orange tinted.
Just a few minutes later everything went back to it’s shrouded state, and no more photos could be taken until the next day.

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New on 500px : Above the Cold by MAPhoto by MAPhoto

A moment of dramatic light above this remote lakeshore we camped at for a few days in the Torres Del Paine region of southern Chile. The conditions were extremely windy and cold all day, blowing the snow from the peaks in the background of this image. Below, a multitude of almost unbelievably blue icebergs fill the lake, breaking up the waves. The largest of the bergs in this photo is as tall as a 7-story building! I took the shot from a place far from the trails on a secluded cove about 25 meters above the water.

The light Paine is exceptional in late fall and winter, and dramatic conditions can be expected. In winter the sun is so low that you are very nearly shooting sunrise or sunset the whole day (which starts at 10am). At one point we observed 14 out of 15 consecutive sunrises and sunsets that were this good, probably my lifetime record, and a photographer’s dream! The challenge is, like always, also where the most excitement is. It’s about getting off the beaten path and seeing unique places, making images that are yours. I will NEVER forget this trip to this remote shore. We nicknamed it iceberg bay (obviously).

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New on 500px : Warm and cold by MarcinSobas by MarcinSobas

summer morning in Beskidy mountains – Poland

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