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New on 500px : Sunset at The Bend by mikedanson by mikedanson

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona, home to Antelope Canyon as well. This place is beyond amazing. 1,000 ft. straight down. No barriers, no safety nets, just your will to get as close to the edge as possible. Video & Photos will never do this place justice… Took this shot about a little over a year ago. I literally got down on my stomach flat on the ground with my interverlameter in hand and kept adjusting my camera in live-view with one hand as I’m beyond afraid of heights. I laugh about this pic as I could’ve done a pano to have the entire Colorado River in the frame but I like this compo – cleaner this way then having the rugged rocks that you stand on in the immediate foreground. The other thing I’ll always remember as comical is that this sunset lasted for over an hour! This was about 30 minutes after the sun went below the horizon, the colors that kept changing were just amazing to watch, especially just being inches from the edge of the cliff where my tripod was set-up.

All in all a experience I will never forget and I’m glad mother nature gave me a wonderful sunset to watch and shoot while I was there. Last post of an oldly as I’m heading off to Arcadia Nat’l Park this week and then Canada. Explored so many places in the Southwest last year so looking forward to exploring the Northeast and excited to get lost and find (hopefully) some places that no people have really explored.

Hope you enjoy and please share!

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New on 500px : October Canyon by csillerud by csillerud

Autumn hues color the Grand Canyon in the early days of fall. The Colorado, drained of its spring sediment, runs emerald and cold. Rays of sun fall through wayward clouds. Another seasons turns over this ancient land.

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New on 500px : Elementary | Toroweap Sunset by bkuPhotography by bkuPhotography

Sun, earth, and water. Simple elements that create a majestic scene 3000 feet above the Colorado River. This trip with my dad was one of the most memorable we’ve had together. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon staring straight down into the Colorado River as the blazing sun illuminated the canyon, camping out and cooking in a little alcove as the only two people in the area, and sleeping in a freezing SUV with frost developing around our toes made it an experience I will never forget.
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New on 500px : The Bend by jimichu by jimichu

Horseshoe Bend at sunset is a sight I will never forget. The way the lands light up with separating colors that took thousands of years to forge is remarkable.
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New on 500px : Spring Sunset over Horseshoe Bend by crystalann_b by crystalann_b

A spring evening comes to a close as the sun dips below the horizon behind Horseshoe Bend. I am brand new to Facebook! Please join me at http://ift.tt/1iBbtA2
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