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New on 500px : Surrender by KristinaWilson by KristinaWilson

From a recent hike to Fairy Falls in Oregon.
Happy Monday folks and I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend in the states! =)

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New on 500px : Spring in the Columbia Gorge by davidleahy by davidleahy

I heard hints and whispers about the location of Weeping Walls. I tried several bushwhack trails in the area and found they were dangerous. Finally I found the right one and the water was not too high to cross. When I reached this drstination I was glad I had not given up the search.

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New on 500px : Magic Kingdom by KristinaWilson by KristinaWilson

““Sitting in cold wet britches for an hour was no fun even in a magic kingdom.” – K. Paterson “Bridge to Terabithia”

It was sixth grade and my teacher’s name was Miss Graham. She had shoulder length brown hair, eyes that smiled and she read to the class two of my all time favorite childhood books. Those afternoon story times got me through one of the worst years of my life, with the loss of my father. I had some really wonderful teachers growing up and to them I will always be grateful. I was also rather a little smartass, so I should also apologize. =)

(National Teacher’s appreciation was this month)

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New on 500px : Green Dreams by KristinaWilson by KristinaWilson

“The hour of spring was dark at last,
sensuous memories of sunlight past,
I stood alone in garden bowers
and asked the value of my hours.”
– Roman Payne

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New on 500px : Panther Mist by snyder7 by snyder7

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This is Panther Creek Falls in the Gifford-Pinchot Forest in Washington State. And this another image from my recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula and the Columbia Gorge, with fellow photographer Ted Gore. On this day, we were also with two Canadian photographers Rob Lafreniere and Justin Grimm.

Getting to the falls is a bit tricky, and nearly impossible to find if you’ve never been there before, or are going with someone that has. You pretty much park on the side of the road, and walk down an unmarked trail. At the bottom of the trail, you need to find a spot to scramble down to this vantage point, or you could stay up and shoot them at a weird, side angle.

Given that it had rained pretty hard for the past 2 days, the flow on all the waterfalls in the Gorge was pretty strong. On this morning, the spray from the falls themselves was ridiculous. I was wearing waders, rubber boots and a gore-tex jacket. I pretty much looked like an Umpa Lumpa. However, anything that was exposed, was soaking wet after just a few moments.

I ran out of dry cloths to wipe my lens dry, so I used my rocket blower to dry the front of the lens as best as possible, and stuck the camera into a zip lock plastic bag. The idea was to compose and get ready to shoot as soon as you pressed the shutter button. This was the only workable photograph from that day. Everything else is covered in water drops.

Message me if you would like to learn more about my work, get information about prints, etc. Otherwise, your comments are very welcome!

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New on 500px : The Unfolding by crazyaboutnature by crazyaboutnature

Here is another shot from yesterday up at Rowena. The Balsam root was just past prime but the lupine was perfect. It was a great morning…perfect light, no wind… I felt lucky to catch this scene on a Monday morning instead of driving in to work!
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New on 500px : Spring Invasion by PaulBowman by PaulBowman

Hit this one on black… Here is another one from the Columbia Hills, WA http://www.paulbowman.com
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