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New on 500px : The Creation by StefanHefele by StefanHefele

“The Creation” – Wahclella Falls/Columbia River Gorge – USA

Today I reached 5000 Fans in Facebook. A view days ago I did a little voting from a selection of my recent USA trip and this photo reached No.1. To say THANK YOU this is my little present to you :-).
Just before noon the sun reached the top of the cliffs and created some heavenly God Rays in the spray of the Waterfall. What here looks like a photomanipulation is absolutely realistic and can be seen with a good timing on a sunny day.

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New on 500px : Eden’s Waters by jameypyles by jameypyles

There’s something special about a waterfall far away from the permanent footprints of man, formed in such a way that it dazzles the human eyes but who’s purpose was there long before our existence.

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New on 500px : Pebbled Greens by JustinGrimm by JustinGrimm

In case you don’t follow a lot of photographers on Facebook, you probably haven’t heard about the totally epic amount of talent that came together less than 2 weeks ago in the Columbia River Gorge. With at least 25 of the best picture taking masters packed in the back of a small Oregon pub together, it is safe to say you would be hard pressed to find more talent in one place anywhere. I doubt you could listen to a nerdier photo conversation on the globe also. For some reason, I got an invite to this event. Most likely a mistake at the post office….

In any case, it was awesome to have the privilege of meeting so many photographers I have learned from, and that I have drooled heavily over their work for years.

This is the first image of a small bundle that I was happy with capturing over my week in the Gorge and Olympic Peninsula. Nothing crazy, just a soothing creek scene, no further than a 5 minute walk from my campsite. Adventurous, I know! As for the techie stuff, this is a 6 image focus stack with a blend of shutter speeds and ISOs to maintain serious detail. For some reason I couldn’t bring it out well in this web version, but if you are in Edmonton over the summer this will be printed for my upcoming art display. I’m thinking at least a 45×30 acrylic. What do you say, sound good?

Thanks for looking!

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New on 500px : Rusting In Beauty by BrandtM by BrandtM

So I finally found “The Car”. Last year I drove all over The Columbia Hills State Park looking for “The Car”, to no avail, I drove back and forth, up and down, hiked around without success. Then over the winter I decided to try to track down “The Car” on Google Earth. Well I found it, there is was sitting just yards from where I drove, parked and walked, mocking me from it’s hillside perch. This year I returned, and within minutes I found my prize, and it didn’t disappoint. Though “The Car” has been photographed by many more before me and smarter than me (they obviously had far less trouble finding it), it didn’t disappoint. How perfect, an abandoned rusting car sitting on a flower filled hillside overlooking the Columbia River valley. Michael Brandt Photography
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New on 500px : Flower Eruption by BrandtM by BrandtM

The flowers are phenomenal at the Columbia Hills State Park this year. A beautiful place to spend a couple of days basking in spring’s glory. Michael Brandt Photography
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New on 500px : Jungle Explorer by piriya by piriya

Last weekend I was in Oregon with friends and we met up with Terence Lee, a local landscape photographer. We did a short hike to Fairy Falls and this waterfall easily became in my favorite!
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New on 500px : Rowena Sunrise by flex0168 by flex0168

This is Rowena Crest outside of Mosier, Oregon. with the balsamroot in full bloom. Had a really hard time getting a good shot with how windy It was. Filters: -Singh Ray Z Pro LB Neutral Cir Polarizer -Singh Ray 3 stop ND filter -Singh Ray 3 stop reverse ND Stacked on the Lee foundation kit Comments and likes appreciated 🙂
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