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New on 500px : The last flight by spicerpip by spicerpip

I took this photograph from behind a chain link fence. The plane sits by the main gate of the barracks at Yeovil Air Base. I had to replace the under carriage, replace the reflections of the barracks for those of clouds. I added jet streams and an afterburner heat haze, added clouds. Cut out using the pen tool in Photoshop.

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New on 500px : Jaipur DreamScape by AnikBiswas by AnikBiswas

A dream I had about the city of Jaipur in some sort of Utopian place. Couldn’t remember most of it,but tried to imitate that with my own stock images from my travels,and two or three other stocks. This is a composite,and I tried to make a digital concept art,though I don’t know if I succeeded 🙂
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New on 500px : Unreal by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Painted Hills, Oregon + Great Ocean Road, Victoria Some random points about this image: – It is a composite – The landscape was taken as a night shot with the EXIF settings you see but pre-dawn with far fewer stars which were a random assortment and not the milky way. – The milky way night sky you see is from the Southern hemisphere where I believe we get a much better deal in terms of milky way visibility! – The merge is a composite that uses many masking techniques (some of which are complex but unfortunately none of which I have made a video out of to sell!) All of this makes it ‘unreal’ as the title suggests but perhaps quite a pretty picture? I’ll leave that for you to decide !
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