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New on 500px : Tree Tweak by BrandtM by BrandtM

A nice benefit of living 45 minutes from the entrance to Steptoe Butte is that I can run down there and try to better some previous cliche shot, so at least I can keep trying to best my previous Steptoe cliche shot. It’s kind of a game almost, and a fun one at that. This is the classic lone cottonwood tree shot, I had one from last year that was average at best, this is better, and someday I am going to best this one.

Michael Brandt Photography

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New on 500px : The Spirit of Spring by dephcophoto by dephcophoto

Spring in Palouse, Washington. It was a windy evening with wind gust of at least 30mph. It was quite difficult to even get this shot steady since I stood on elevated ground, while I had to race with the fading sun, clouds that were rolling in (it was raining soon after), and the growing shadows from the clouds.

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New on 500px : Morning At Leslie Canyon – Toned by alandersen by alandersen

A sky of Cirrostratus clouds looms over the skeleton of a lone Cottonwood tree in a landscape of eroded hills and dry grasslands outside of Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge near the town of McNeal in Southeastern Arizona.

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