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New on 500px : Varadero – Abandon beach by bng148 by bng148

This is other side of Paradise . It was full of waste as can, papers, dead wood…etc. I walked here two days. then had couple pictures. As you saw some before , they were the way I see my feeling, my love for this place. It may not be realistic,logical. Are love & art & All aspect of photography need to be that way ? Any way ,I like them and hope you like them too. 🙂
Good & constructive comments are always welcome .cause I’m photos apprentice .
Cuba Feb.2014 . HDR – Dedicate to TP

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New on 500px : New day on a abandon beach by bng148 by bng148

Varadero, Cuba 2014
My first time try HDR . Process by IPad 4.
I like it & hope you like it too 🙂

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New on 500px : Just you&me by bng148 by bng148

Adam & Eva in Paradise.
Varadero Beach. Cuba 2014

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New on 500px : Where the presents meets the past Volume TWO by taubertsven by taubertsven

Reworked Version of my first upload here. Hope you enjow it. Give me a comment!

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New on 500px : Life at beach (9) : Paradise by bng148 by bng148

Varadero , Cuba 2014

Dear friends ! In next couple weeks , I will not able to be here regularly . I have to spend most time for my daughter’s affair . Wish you all the best. My regard.

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