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New on 500px : Aegean Paradise by EliaLocardi by EliaLocardi

There are certain places in the world that have the power to take my breath away and the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini definitely tops that very short list. Just looking at this photo transports me back to the moment of being there, watching this incredible scene unfold, and (of course) enjoying a cold glass of Aegean white wine in the process. 🙂

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New on 500px : Widemouth by DustinGent by DustinGent

I still have a few comps from my last visit to Panther Creek Falls last year. Was looking forward to get back down there to reshoot this with my 14-24, but as chance would have it, I may be laid out for a bit.

Getting here is pretty straight forward and easy. Scale a 7 foot “cliff”, complete with handholds and rope, BUT doing it with one good arm will be interesting. I may attempt this in the coming months.

In any case, there is room for improvement on this comp, but I like this one. My hotshoe of the D700 was literally dug into the log, and I am standing 2 feet below this view (on the lower cascade). Literally I didn’t even see what I was shooting. Makes the fun factor go through the roof 🙂

Find out tomorrow if I need surgery on my shoulder. Gonna be rough, regardless. Be careful out there everyone. I have slipped 1.45 million times in the creeks, but just takes one wrong move..

To my 8 devoted followers, I thank you for the comments! Stay safe!

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New on 500px : Sky flight by mauroberri by mauroberri

I was coming back from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu and the sky from the flight was amazing during sunset.
Hope you like it.
Feel free to live any comments or suggestions.
Mauro Berri

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