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New on 500px : Life Among the Ruins by davidleahy by davidleahy

It is so beautiful when the wild flowers are in bloom on Mt. St. Helens. I stayed into the night and got to see the Milky Way over the mountain, as well.

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New on 500px : Spring in the Columbia Gorge by davidleahy by davidleahy

I heard hints and whispers about the location of Weeping Walls. I tried several bushwhack trails in the area and found they were dangerous. Finally I found the right one and the water was not too high to cross. When I reached this drstination I was glad I had not given up the search.

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New on 500px : Crimson and Clover Over and Over by davidleahy by davidleahy

Saw this field on a bike ride earlier in the day and I new I had to be back here at sunset.

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