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New on 500px : Low and Dry by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

Looking over the lowest, driest place in North America and the hottest place on Earth. It was 117°F when we were down there…

I would drive for years and never get bored in California…

Stars, ocean, snowy mountains, huge trees, sand dunes, waterfalls, rivers, wild animals and great people… I appreciate every moment I live here…

Have a great week everybody!!!

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New on 500px : Around the Bend by paulmcconville by paulmcconville

Windswept dunes at sunrise in Death Valley. Mesquite dunes quickly became one of my favorite places to shoot, so much fun. Hope you’re all having a great Monday. http://ift.tt/1deZDaT
via 500px http://ift.tt/1fNd5Io
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