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New on 500px : Through the Gates remake by samyolabi by samyolabi

This panorama is composed of 18 photos (9 for foreground and 9 for the sky), using the 14 mm focal length in portrait orientation. It took me around 25 minutes to take it and this road was just perfect to do this. (In 6 hours only 2 cars passed) The place was really dark you can see the Milky Way clearly with your naked eyes (unaided). The road was winding, so I picked a location where the road is centered in the Milky Way arc through the 180 degree angle of view.
30 secs F2.8 ISO 3200
Nikon D800, Nikon 14-24 mm
Shot in Raw, processed raw in Photoshop CS6, using a combination of gradient filters to achieve the required localized adjustments. (Contrast, clarity, White balance, noise reduction etc…)
Panorama is stitched also in the Photoshop, some wrap adjustments was done to adjust the geometry.
So 30 mins more for the editing. A total of almost one hour to produce this image. In addition of course to the 6 hours’ drive. But it’s worth it and I will be doing it again and again as long as I get the chance.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1pCadyS

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