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New on 500px : Old man and his camel by xperimenter by xperimenter

The old man’s name is Sidi and the camel’s name I am not sure about, since I don’t speak Arabic and Sidi didn’t speak other languages. In February 2014 I was travelling in some remote parts of Mauritanian Sahara and came across these two guys 🙂 Sidi was a nomad living there and agreed to take me to the desert for two days to see giant singing dunes. What an epic journey it was! Walking incredible landscapes for many miles without seeing a soul, watching an incredible sunset, sleeping under the starriest sky in the world. In this picture Sidi is carrying a stick he found along the way for our bonfire. Sand dunes there were so huge that the camel was leaning back and forth sliding down the slopes all the time. After a short ride on the camel’s back I realized that it would be much better for both camel and myself if I just walk the rest of the way. But I was not disappointed as it allowed me to take this shot, as well as many other pictures of Sahara.

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