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New on 500px : AMAZING DUSK by PatrickLoo by PatrickLoo

A M A Z I N G – D U S K

red glow from the sun and orange twilight, they kissed when they met.

All of my photos are taken in Penang Malaysia.
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New on 500px : Ice Sheets by RonCoscorrosa by RonCoscorrosa

Ice sheets + mountain = fun. Taken earlier this winter in Iceland. If you are planning a trip to Iceland, check out our location guide.

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New on 500px : All Is Calm by candacebartlett by candacebartlett

Best if viewed on black, so please click on the image.

Fog settles in on Bowman Lake as the last light of day shows through the clouds in the northwest corner of Glacier National Park.

Bowman isn’t nearly as popular as some of the other areas at GNP. You have to drive very slowly on long, bumpy and windy dirt roads to get to this location, but It was nice to get away from the Summer crowds for a day. My boyfriend Ryan and I had the whole place to ourselves on this evening.


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New on 500px : Westminster Pavement by IreneAmiet by IreneAmiet

a bus buzzing out of Big Ben on Westminster Bridge. Low-angle, panoramic

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New on 500px : Olympian Pursuit of Stars by annishaikh1990 by annishaikh1990

Multiple Composite Shot of Milkyway.
Shot from the Houseboat at Srinagar.
Location : Nagin Lake.

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New on 500px : A cloudy dusk remnant by villaseca by villaseca

After arriving at the top of Cerro Provincia at 2750 meters above sea level, a shroud of mist left an openning for gazing at the incredible landscape. We were 750m above freezing level, and above the clouds.
I took the tripod out and started framing the scene. At 8:30PM there was absolutely no light, only a slight remnant of dusk and the city lights below, so after 30s exposure almost all the light in the photo was orange tinted.
Just a few minutes later everything went back to it’s shrouded state, and no more photos could be taken until the next day.

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