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New on 500px : Brother by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

Last 10 days was all about having the greatest time with my brother. He has 2 kids and lives far from US. We did not have time together for a long time. So when he called and said he was gonna visit me couple months ago I have already decided what to do when he is in California with me, a long road trip.

We bought him a new camera as soon as he arrived to LA. He already knew using a camera but did not have time to practice. So I tried to show him lots of places and at the same time showed him some tricks about photography. How to expose, compose and other little stuff I learned in the past years.

I can’t describe how beautiful time has passed. He now knows his camera so well that sometimes he is faster than me to take a picture now.

I am grateful that I had this opportunity to spend time with him after years.

This is one of the many shots I took on the trip. We were unlucky about weather most of the time. There was fog everywhere we stopped. We didn’t see much of a good light. But at this moment clouds made a dramatic scene and created a beautiful light before sunset.

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New on 500px : I wish… by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

This is one of the most photographed spots in Yosemite National Park.

I probably have 15 different versions of Valley View shot at different times. I never shared any of them. But this one looked so special to me. The clouds, movement of the water, color of the trees and of course the beautiful Valley in the background. So here it is.

I hope you like it…

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New on 500px : Before the storm by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

This was one of the most amazing sunsets i’ve ever seen… The clouds, temperature, colors were all beautiful. I took over 100 photos in 10 mins and then realized my lens was so dirty, all the pictures i had taken were rubbish. Checked my cleaning cloth and it wasn’t in my bag. Tried to use my shirt to clean the lens. It did not help at all. I was so frustrated. The colors were changing and the sun was going down pretty fast. It was a stressful 15 mins. Thankfully some of the shots came out clean… Lesson learned. Clean your lens before you go shooting. It is that simple. Be prepared to enjoy photography…
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New on 500px : Strangers and Waves by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

I was driving on PCH today, listening “Tool” on Pandora… Waves looked amazing all the way from Santa Monica to Malibu… 10 minutes before sunset, i pulled over my car, took my camera out and started looking for an interesting composition. Sunset was pretty regular. Colors were just not attracting me at all. Then i saw these people… Waves were breaking right behind them. It looked like a perfect moment to capture. This is the secret of photography. Don’t get stuck on one idea. Look around and observe. Something will come up eventually. If i insisted on taking a sunset picture i would never be able to catch this moment.
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New on 500px : A different point of view… by Barisparildar by Barisparildar

This is one of those photos just created in less than a minute… As i remember, it was in the middle of a very stressful week. We decided to spend the only couple free hours at the beach and relax a bit. As soon as we arrived at the beach we saw these great cloud forms. Being a fan of clouds, i took my tripod out of the trunk quickly. Ran to the lifeguard cabin. I had the picture in my head before i shot it. My girlfriend was near the ocean walking. I told her that it would look amazing if she could stand still. She stopped right in the middle. I took 2 pictures and it was done. I cannot remember why we were so stressed all that time but i clearly remember how beautiful those clouds were and i am glad i can share it with so many people now… Have a great week…
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