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New on 500px : Storm’s coming, at East Pole Islands (东极岛) by AnakinYang by AnakinYang

This is different angle take of a photo I uploaded a while ago. During my trip to China, I went to these remote islands about 40 miles off the coast of mainland China, called “The East Pole Islands”. Although I grew up in a bigger island city near that, I’ve never actually been to the East Pole Islands. These little islands have no sign of industrialization, unlike the rest of China, and they’ve been perfectly perserved, with very little population density. All of their economy is supported by tourism basically, and these outdoor restaurants are where they serve seafood (delicious) basically.
When I took this shot, the sunny sky was already crowded with fast moving clouds, which signaled impending thunderstorm. And naively, I thought it wouldn’t matter because my hotel was so close by. So I went to the local bar with my mates (without umbrella oops), and 30 mins after I took this shot. Thunderstorm came and we had to run back in heavy rain after a long wait for the monsoon to stop. Got all my camera gears wet, but good thing is my bag was very weather resistant, only a tiny bit of water got in. Lucky me.

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