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New on 500px : Stepping Through by scottyperkins by scottyperkins

Looking back through the mossy trees in the lush, foggy forest of Ecola State Park on the Oregon Coast.

Please, please view on black.

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New on 500px : On Endor by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Ecola State Park
Oregon, USA

I have fading memories from our trip last October. Marianne and I both had temps of 39-40 during this leg of the trip but didn’t want to be completely housebound. In the short window which paracetamol (tylenol) gave us, we did manage to take a look at the local scenery at Cannon Beach which included the beautiful Ecola state forest. There is clearly manipulation in this image to smoothen highlights and accentuate the background verticals and we are deciding whether to have this image or the previously posted image of Ecola on our wall.

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