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New on 500px : The Legacy of Ancestors by MahmoudYakut by MahmoudYakut

Heavily processed conceptual image with a sky layer added.
As an Egyptian I always grew up and lived with the legacy of my ancestors in the back of my mind. I remember as a child, the first time when I visited an ancient pharaoh temple I swapped its walls with my hand and felt myself connecting with the ancestors who’ve been in this place and touched these walls thousands of years ago, it was such a strange feeling to feel I am touching exactly the same wall they did.

Now when I visit any of these places, it is such a unique experience, I imagine them all alive and colored like they were originally been one day, and imagine those kings and their guards and all these majestic appearances and rituals…. for me it is like being in a dream or a fairy tale

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New on 500px : Mohamed Ali Mosque 1848 by khamdy32 by khamdy32

During my Vication in Cairo I visted Mohamed Ali Mosque inside of Salah El Din Citadel

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New on 500px : Al Azhar Park by khamdy32 by khamdy32

During My vication in Cairo I discovered this lovely park during the sunset.

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New on 500px : Masjed Mohamed Ali by KarimSeoudi by KarimSeoudi

The great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha or Alabaster Mosque (Arabic: مسجد محمد علي, Turkish: Mehmet Ali Paşa Camii) is a mosque situated in the Citadel of Cairo in Egypt and commissioned by Muhammad Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848.

Situated on the summit of the citadel, this Ottoman mosque, the largest to be built in the first half of the 19th century, is, with its animated silhouette and twin minarets, the most visible mosque in Cairo. The mosque was built in memory of Tusun Pasha, Muhammad Ali’s oldest son, who died in 1816.

This great mosque, along with the citadel, is one of the landmarks and tourist attractions of Cairo and is one of the first features to be seen when approaching the city from no matter which side.


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New on 500px : Sunset at Sultan Barquek Mosque 1386 by khamdy32 by khamdy32

Sultan Barquek Mosque was built in 1386 and it is one of the most famous monuments and tourist attraction in the world.

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