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New on 500px : The Legacy of Ancestors by MahmoudYakut by MahmoudYakut

Heavily processed conceptual image with a sky layer added.
As an Egyptian I always grew up and lived with the legacy of my ancestors in the back of my mind. I remember as a child, the first time when I visited an ancient pharaoh temple I swapped its walls with my hand and felt myself connecting with the ancestors who’ve been in this place and touched these walls thousands of years ago, it was such a strange feeling to feel I am touching exactly the same wall they did.

Now when I visit any of these places, it is such a unique experience, I imagine them all alive and colored like they were originally been one day, and imagine those kings and their guards and all these majestic appearances and rituals…. for me it is like being in a dream or a fairy tale

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New on 500px : Awoken Despair by alexandredeschaumes by alexandredeschaumes

cascade du Rouget * Sixt fer à Cheval * French Alps

© Alexandre Deschaumes
Man & Nautre collection 2014

All Rights Reserved

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New on 500px : Solid Air by AlisterBenn by AlisterBenn

A 5 minute moonlit exposure abstracts the pounding ocean and these sea stacks off the north coast of Spain.

The cover of my Night Photography eBook – Seeing the Unseen, How to Photograph landscapes at Night.


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