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New on 500px : fairytale castle by RudolfMoerkl by RudolfMoerkl

somewhere in Ireland……..
during our drive through the country, we discovered this fantastic place in the distance………we tried to find a way to get there, but it was somewhere in the middle of pastures, and there was not one path or raod leading there…….finally we asked someone who was living close, and luckily it was a relevant of the owner of the pastures. And we were allowed to go there………a big adventure, and I was so excited………but then, after crossing several fences, we reached the last fence that separated us from the castle, and we had to accept……..a flock of some 30 to 40 young bulls just at the castle……no way to get closer……a little disappointed I took a few shots from the distance, and had to leave this fantastic place.
If anyone from Ireland, or travelling to Ireland is interested to know where it is, please contact me. Maybe someone else is a bit more lucky than me.

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New on 500px : Overgrown by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Moss-bearded vine maples rise from a lush carpet of oxalis, under dappled afternoon light. Hoh Rainforest, Olympic NP, Washington, USA. This is a stitch of two horizontal exposures, since I couldn’t fit this composition in my 15mm-equivalent lens from the close perspective I chose. I’ve been on a green kick lately, in anticipation of a week-plus coming up in Olympic. Still working my way through files from only 4 days there last year, so I’m pretty stoked to see what I can do in double that time. Should give me plenty of time to come up with ways to work “Hoh” into Dr. Dre lyrics (I found me a Hoh that I like / but I can’t make a Hoh a housewife). I teach my processing techniques, and offer prints and junk. Peep my site if that tickles your fancy! http://ift.tt/YdCotQ
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