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New on 500px : Misty Melody by EliaLocardi by EliaLocardi

While I’ll never be sure whether it’s possible for a photographer to capture the heart of a location, with the extent of my travels over the last few years, I’ve learned that it’s certainly possible for a location to capture the heart of a photographer. Tuscany is one of those locations that has truly captured my heart, and that’s not just the Chianti talking. There’s a longing to be there again – to wake up to the soft melody of the morning fog as it cradles the rolling hills and valleys creating a visual harmony of color, texture, and light. In this feeling also lives the desire to experience and photograph this landscape in every changing season, whether it takes months, years, decades, or a lifetime. Again, that’s not just because of the wine. 😉 Original Post: http://bit.ly/1lAIpuW
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