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New on 500px : Setting Museum by fatihmsahbaz by fatihmsahbaz

I had a road trip in Tuscany last summer where I have visited Florence and the surrounding landscape for some photos. This shot belongs to that trip. The sun sets so gorgeously in Tuscany. The view point is Piazzale Michalengelo. And the center of the image has the infamous Ponte Vecchio.

The shot is as is straight from the camera. No post processing. I have also the same photo with stronger contrast and lots of shades.

Please share your thoughts and feelings and vote if you like.

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New on 500px : Starry Vecchio by fatihmsahbaz by fatihmsahbaz

A night shot from my trip to Tuscany last summer. Ponte Vecchio is one of the highlights of Florence. It has a beauty at night and day, different but both charming in different ways.

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New on 500px : Deserted by fatihmsahbaz by fatihmsahbaz

Group of trees over an island on a frozen lake, surrounded by the fog makes this magic look…

Also, this shot is not a B&W, it’s just the snow and fog together naturally made it look this way.

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New on 500px : Fall in Norwegian by fatihmsahbaz by fatihmsahbaz

Again from one of my favorite destinations in Oslo. Sognsvann, for the 20th time probably…I was on a hiking trip and suddenly realized the amazing view across the lake. On a typical fall day, the lake is very still, not much wind, gives this incredible reflection, blended with the foggy weather on top. Also, the picture is as is, straight from the camera, no retouch. Please share your thoughts and feelings if you enjoyed taking a look.
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