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New on 500px : Beneath The Stars We Dance by outofinsight by outofinsight

On tour with Sofia Green – celebrating its 3rd birthday pedaling during the day and relaxing around a campfire and under starry skies during the night.

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New on 500px : Colourful Valley of Fire, Nevada by maniophotography by maniophotography

Sunset in shaded Valley of Fire, Nevada. Amazing colours, incredible silent, wild animals and endless photo opportunities.

It’s hard to believe that Valley of Fire is only 1 hour drive from Las Vegas and most of the LV tourists don’t go there or even know about it! Definitely must see landscape attraction for every photographer:)

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New on 500px : .::Summer Fire::. by BryceKeen by BryceKeen

Here is a long exposure shot of an amazing sunset that at Lake Havasu, Arizona that I took this past weekend. The colors were amazing and the clouds had the right movement for the perfect long exposure feel to the sky and water. This is one of my favorite location on the lake because there are good foreground rocks, the lighthouse, the beautiful mountains in the background, and the sun conveniently sets behind the entire scene. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

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New on 500px : Fire in the Sky by bruceomori by bruceomori

Two branches of lava enter the sea at Kalapana as clouds reflect the sun’s early morning glow. Viewing this on black helps as the image is a little dark. Mahalo!

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New on 500px : Sunrise Fire by Jordan_Ek by Jordan_Ek

What this image fails to show is the crazy wind storm that was going on while I was taking this picture. I had arrived the day before and explored a number of areas in nice calm 80 degree weather. When I got back to the campsite all was well and even when I fell asleep conditions were calm. However, I woke up to a violent windstorm. It was so strong that it pulled the tent’s stakes out of the ground and I was left in the tent trying to hold down the floor. During this I was being pelted by sand particles that were blown under the rain fly and sneaked past the porous inner wall. I crawled out of the tent, holding it down all the while and pounded the stakes back in between wind gusts. Needless to say, I spent most of the rest of the night being covered by sand and got little sleep.
When 5 am rolled around I was still awake and debated with myself as to whether or not I should bother getting up for sunrise. The fact that any further sleep was unlikely, I rolled out of bed and drove my little toyota yaris through the windstorm to the trailhead. I suited up with my sunglasses on in the dark and my headlamp to try to keep the sand out of my eyes. Instead of taking the normal trail, I went through a narrow canyon to try to avoid the majority of the wind. This was semi-successful and then I found myself on the wave formation with wind blowing me this way and that while a pre-sunrise glow provided bands of pink across the horizon.
The most difficult part was holding the camera and tripod down and getting off 3-4 images before the wind blew my tripod over. I got off a number of shots and different compositions, but I think that this was the height of the sunrise color.

Thanks for looking!

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