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New on 500px : Fantasia Movie by aTheo by aTheo

Great contrast in the vine field, like a silent conversation between the white flowers to the black trees above.

Reminds me scenes from Disney’s Fantasia Movie.

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New on 500px : purple dawn by danielmurrayphotography by danielmurrayphotography

Another shot of the lupins in bloom at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The Church of the Good Shepherd can be seen to the right of the tree.

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New on 500px : Blue Hour by BrettNickeson by BrettNickeson

Back from Iceland! We had a fantastic time in the land of never ending summer light and came away with some great images. The conditions were often tough though, as the clouds only cooperated on a couple nights and we usually found ourselves socked in stratus, fog, or rain. Regardless, Iceland is an incredible country and a landscape photographer’s dream.

This image is a bit odd for me as many know that I typically don’t include man-made objects in my photos. But this scene of the church in Vik surrounded by an amazing lupine field was too good to pass up. Taken sometime around 2 a.m., we lucked out with zero wind and perfect conditions to shoot the wildflowers.

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