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New on 500px : My Office View by shaneblack by shaneblack

While the hike to this spot was miserable from carrying too much gear, I can’t argue with this view. Really loving my Nemo Galaxi 2P tent!

p.s. I recommend viewing on black!


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New on 500px : Freedom! by sparias by sparias

I captured this image while on Hawk Hill, near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.
I have always liked the way fog gives different intensity to the color of the mountains, and i was trying to capture that while a kid stepped into the frame and extended his arms to breathe in the magnificence of the location.
Lucky moment 🙂

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New on 500px : Sunrise over Calico Rock, AR by BobbyBurton by BobbyBurton

The fog covered the White River beautifully this morning as the sun was peaking through the clouds.

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