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New on 500px : Chapora Fort by udaybsharmaster by udaybsharmaster

A part of the Chapora Fort in Goa. This is an 18th Century fort, situated on top of a hill near Vagator Beach.
The climb to this fort up the hill is one steep, but fun climb. 🙂

This fort has a history of being moved back and forth between the Portuguese and the Marathas.

Info for Hindi film lovers: One of the most important scenes of the 2001 movie “Dil Chahta Hai” was shot at this fort.

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New on 500px : Manasija monastery by slasta by slasta

© Slavica Stajic All Rights Reserved Manasija Monastery. XV century built by Despot Stefan Lazarevic (Prince Stefan): Church of Holy Trinity, fortification walls Manasija (Resava) monastery is one of the most significant monuments of Serbian medieval culture and belongs to the so called “Moravian school”. It was built by despot Stefan Lazarevic between 1407 and 1418. Immediately after its foundation, Manasija became a cultural centre of the Despot state. The “Resava school” was famous for its translations and handwritings – even after the fall of the state, throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
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New on 500px : Historic Amer by basujayanta0 by basujayanta0

Panoramic view of the majestic Amer Fort, from a nearby hill in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
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