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New on 500px : Sundown over Tokyotower and Fuji-san by ThomasUttich by ThomasUttich

Sunset in Tokyo Japan with a view to the Tokyo Tower and fuji san from the World Trade Center

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New on 500px : Storm at Llancayo XT1 by Alan_Coles by Alan_Coles

Came across this whilst on my way home from a meeting… had both my 5D3 and my newly purchased Fuji Xt1 with me at the time so managed to rattle off some shots with both images before the rains came!

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New on 500px : Rainy train – Paris Gare du Nord by benoit_dupont by benoit_dupont

it was raining last saturday when I came back from Paris after a really bad day… this concludes my travel day quite well

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New on 500px : Gradation of dawn by fuji2013legend by fuji2013legend

Dawn began on the other side of the Fuji in the distance. Orange light began to spread from the mountains. Sky began to change in appearance of the figure of the day from the night. Gradation of beautiful dawn began.

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