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New on 500px : Fly Geyser by dsacbck by dsacbck

After obtaining permission from the landowner to photograph this location, I discovered the combination to lock I had been given was wrong and couldn’t get hold of anyone for the new combination. Fortunately I was able to contact the caretaker and get onto the property. By now the sun was rapidly setting and I had to work quickly to set up my 4×5 view camera and capture this image.

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New on 500px : Shy Geyser by ACWaddington by ACWaddington

Probably one of the hardest places I ever had to photograph, access is hard but it’s also dependent on wind direction and temperature. Too cool a day and there’s too much steam from this hot spring. If the wind blows from the south you’re covered in water. I shot a 7 frame focus stack with some exposure blending. The geyser is roughly about 10 feet high. Sadly it’s starting to cave in and is only photogenic from this side.

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New on 500px : Chaos & Harmony by albanhenderyckxphotography by albanhenderyckxphotography

Wandering somewhere in the inland of the ice island, it must be about 24 hours I was awake .. Surrounded by a thick fog, I was driving on the chaotic desert trails or Highlands reigned a captivating atmosphere and dramatic! After 1001 turns .. A strangely resembling a mirage panel tells me that I’m far from camp or Kerlingarfjöll I planned bivouac! Relieved at the idea of joining Morpheus .. Until this moment I see or off as an unexpected and perfectly breakthrough in the axis of a jewel of humanity that I dreamed of .. I do capture could only listen to my instincts and again drive faster than ever! The more I went, the more I realized that my dream was to become reality .. FB Page: http://ift.tt/1dc9dN0 Copyright © Alban Henderyckx 2013 All rights reserved.
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