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New on 500px : Swirly Night by igornatanzon by igornatanzon

Star Trails photo at Bodie ghost town.

Started with 99 frames but had to remove 30 of them due to photobombing …

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New on 500px : Bodie Ghost Town Wagon by dericderic0 by dericderic0

A hay wagon relic abandoned in the ghost town of Bodie, CA in the 1940’s. Bodie is now a state preserve, and a photographer’s utopia for pictures of relics and old stuff.

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New on 500px : Arrested Decay by ChristianRonnel by ChristianRonnel

I almost forgot how to process an HDR image since I’ve been using ND filters. I shot this with an intention of doing a surreal HDR image but I was never happy with the results. Like the colors are odd or the grass don’t look quite right or the clouds would look really weird. So I finally gave up and this is the result. This was taken from the historic ghost town of Bodie, California.
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New on 500px : The Mill by JeffDeveau by JeffDeveau

This is a re-edit of a roughly 45 shot HDR Panorama taken at the turn of the century Crystal Mill in Marble Colorado. It was built in 1892 to give power to the town of Crystal. This place was truly epic and my original edit and processing really just did not do it justice.
via 500px http://ift.tt/QGqOF8
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