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New on 500px : Ink Drop by GiangSon by GiangSon

Amazing? 🙂 … it’s only a cloud at sunset.. sometime i want to find something new… Thanks you for watching, and have a nice day my friends!

Here is this cloud – if you want to see:

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New on 500px : Life of Plumeria by GiangSon by GiangSon

One Plumeria tree growing on roof of Tay Phuong pagoda.

About Peace logo:

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New on 500px : Twilight by GiangSon by GiangSon

On my way home, i stop next a river, sun is going down, and the light in that house up, the fog, reflection, some… mosquitoes around me “oo….o..o..” … i open camera and shoot… 🙂

via 500px http://ift.tt/TiS2mX

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