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New on 500px : Í annan Heim by DanielHerr by DanielHerr

Í annan heim means “Into another world” and seems to be the best description for Jökulsárlón, the famous glacier lagoon, located in the southwest of Iceland at Vatnajökull Glacier.

I don`t know how many times I still visited this area but the fascination never dies. At the eastside of the bridge you are nearly alone – most of the visitors are walking on the right side near the tourist spot.

The colors of the ice are singular and the blue tones depend on the daylight and cloud formations above. It was the first time in Iceland I used a DSLR for capturing photos and to shoot in RAW.

I remember very well this day in September 2012 – Winter was very early that year and we had to return from Landmannalaugar and Laki because the northern roads were closed extremely early. So had another meeting with this “other world” with nearly perfect conditions.

Please click “M” for full view.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1iHVj4K

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