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New on 500px : Deep Blue Ice by piriya by piriya

An ice cave underneath Mendenhall Glacier

Juneau, AK

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New on 500px : fire on ice by Dionys_Moser by Dionys_Moser

This was taken on our
Greenland Fototour
guided by Dionys Moser.
During arctic summer we mostly use the warm and bride midnightsunlight.
Even with „bad“ weather, we enjoy the contrasts in the clouds.
Our daily fototours to the icebergs with small boats sometimes last 4-5 hours.
If you’re interested in joining me on our next Greenland trip in 2015 and learn more about iceberg photography, please check out my website for more information and tour impression :
Due to very popular demand we have two tours to Greenland in 2015 and as usual both are filling fast.
©2014 Dionys Moser,
All Rights Reserved. This Photo is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer Dionys Moser

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New on 500px : Hardanger-Norway by IfengSaelueang by IfengSaelueang

This is a water in hardanger, near “odda” in the background in the mountain you can see a ice glacier (3rd largest in norway, “Folgefonna”). If i had the equipment to climb it, i would have done it. But i did actually climb up too it and touched it.
I would not recommend to anyone but really experienced hikers/climbers to take the whole trip up to it. Its 2 hours climbing from the bottom where people usually stop too look at the view. And before that is 4 hours hiking from the parking lot.
In the middle of those 4 hours, this lake appears. It was used for ice transportation in the old days…. It didnt work. so the business closed pretty soon after they failed.

I slept out 2 nights for this shot, as i dont have a license to car yet. Bus, bicyle and hiking and sleeping in tents is my only options to get around to these places:) so I hope you like the photo. I really struggled to get it:)

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New on 500px : Stranded, Iceland by tucucumba by tucucumba

Todavía falta unos meses para que volvamos a visitar la Isla, la espera se hace interminable. Me encantan los eternos amaneceres y atarderes de noviembre, puedes preparar la toma sin ninguna prisa, sin miedo a que es sol se olculte en un par de minutos, sin prisas ni estres, disfrutando de esa luz mágica durante horas. Estoy enamorado de Islandia 🙂

There is still a few months to return to visit the island, the wait is very long. I love sunrises and eternal sunsets of November, you can prepare to photography no hurry, without fear that is sun goes down in a couple of minutes, no rush or stress, enjoy the magical light for hours. I’m in love with Iceland 🙂


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New on 500px : IceCube by YannQ by YannQ

Thanks a lot for your visit and support.

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New on 500px : Ice Explorer by piriya by piriya

there is a big hole inside an ice cave at Mendenhall Glacier. Due to melting water dropping was so much like raining.

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