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New on 500px : * * * M o r n i n g F l a m e s * * * by DanskieDijamco by DanskieDijamco

Location: Glenorchy, Northern end of Lake Wakatipu, Otago, New Zealand

Hoping for something good to happen as the day started with an overcast sky. We’re not hopeful to get any colours from this sunrise but mother nature set a different course and gave us what we were looking for.

Filters: Lee 3 stop ND Pro Glass + Lee 3 stops GND Soft Edge

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New on 500px : Gold Mountains by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

Late autumn last year, Humboldt mountain range gave me one of it’s finest light shows. Waking up at a drizzly dawn plus having to drive fourty minutes from Queenstown while enduring the freezing temperature, i can say it was all worth it. This was also my first time to see a thin layer of snow on the wooden plank of Glenorchy. South Island is dominated by huge mountain ranges, one can’t simply predict it’s weather. You have to be there and hope for the best. Cheers!

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New on 500px : Hidden Panorama by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Glenorchy Lagoon
New Zealand

Hidden behind the square thumbnail, if you have clicked on this image, is the rest of the panorama !! This was taken on a beautiful frosty morning on our trip in 2012 when Charlotte would peacefully sleep on our back with like 10 layers on! These days, we have to divide parental duties due to 2 year old and 1 month old demands but hoping to get back to these scenes in a few years 🙂

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