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New on 500px : Expectations by snyder7 by snyder7

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* See it in black. Or not. I don’t care! Oh, and I was gonna go for some pedantic title like “Beams of Hope” or something silly like that, but opted against it.

From a recent trip down to northern California and then drive back to Seattle via highway 101 along the Oregon coast.

To this day one of my favorite Redwoods images is from my pal TJ Thorne, “Endor Redwoods” (http://ift.tt/1mwF27X) but I wanted to find my own comp at this location so I made the trip. I was hoping for some awesome conditions with dense fog and prime rhoddies.

Of course that wasn’t the case! Probably a high pressure system off the coast because it was nothing but clear, blue skies and not a single day with fog. Either am or pm. And so, these were the best conditions I found. And I actually like this quite a bit!

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New on 500px : California Glow by Shainblum by Shainblum

“California Glow”

Better on black!!!

It was incredible to watch light rays blast through the trees with fog lingering in the distance. Some scenes are just so photogenic that heavy post-processing isn’t even necessary, all it took was a little bit of contrast and some sharpening to really bring this scene to life. It’s been a pleasure spending time in the Bay Area capturing its beauty, cant wait to show you guys more.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1hBY7W6

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