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New on 500px : Skyfall by Strolicfurlan by Strolicfurlan

Short story about this picture: that day I wanted to take a different picture of the Golden Gate, maybe there are lots of similar to this one, I don’t know. So i decided to lay down on the bridge, completely, I pointed the camera and took two or three pictures, when I finished I noticed that a little boy was laying next to me with a point&shoot camera in his hands taking the same picture, and there was his father standing behind us smiling. So I said “”Well done boy, this is how to take a different picture, always choosing a different angle”. I can say the little boy was very happy! Me too. Priceless.

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New on 500px : Golden Gate by SimKimSeong by SimKimSeong

The Famous Golden Gate still looks the same after so many years. Great piece of Engineering Marvel

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New on 500px : Golden Gate Morning by Kyraly by Kyraly

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Got up early before my conference started and drove out to this beach for a few early morning shots.

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New on 500px : California Glow by Shainblum by Shainblum

“California Glow”

Better on black!!!

It was incredible to watch light rays blast through the trees with fog lingering in the distance. Some scenes are just so photogenic that heavy post-processing isn’t even necessary, all it took was a little bit of contrast and some sharpening to really bring this scene to life. It’s been a pleasure spending time in the Bay Area capturing its beauty, cant wait to show you guys more.

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New on 500px : One Step Past The Middle by YairKorin by YairKorin

I remember being obsessed with bridges since I was a little kid. Maybe it was because my mother is an architect and my father an engineer. But during my last trip it was different. I stood hours and hours by myself just staring at bridges. Watching cars come and go. People attempts to cross it just to realize it was a long trip to the other side and deciding to turn back right in the middle.
Now, months later, looking at the photos I took of bridges -my obsession with them- and seeing how my life is unfolding I realize that all those hours just staring at them might have been more than just a way to spend an afternoon in the city. Depending on how you see them, bridges can have meanings. At least they do for me.

On one particular day while I was walking the bridge myself I remember witnessing a situation which left me thinking for a while. I was at the exact middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. You know when you get there because many start turning around.
Right there a young couple started arguing. Going back or keep walking was the topic. She wanted to keep going; he wanted to head back. After a few minutes of arguing without a deal she decided to cross that invisible line dividing one half of the bridge with the other. That single tiny step meant a lot. The discussion was immediately over and he joined her in crossing the other half together.

Since I came back home I was confronted with some important decisions in my own life. To cross or not to cross my own “bridges”.

Looks like I too decided to move one step past the middle for the first time. Lets see what awaits me on the other side 😉

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New on 500px : Golden Gate Sunset by eDamak by eDamak

The Frommers travel guide considers the Golden Gate Bridge “possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world”.
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