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New on 500px : * * B l o o d y . R e d * * * by DanskieDijamco by DanskieDijamco

It’s quite an epic morning at Lake Tekapo with burning red sky during the golden hour. We 1st started shooting the Good Shepard church (which at that time we had the church by ourselves) and run like crazy to get on this spot. It’s not everyday you’ll get a surreal scene like this but the South Island of New Zealand has this magic.

Filters: Lee ND Pro Glass 0.9 + Singhray 0.9 HE

© 2014 Danskie Dijamco Photography

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New on 500px : .::Sunset Eruption::. by BryceKeen by BryceKeen

This is a second photo that I took on this past trip to Lake Havasu, AZ. This was a longer exposure and really streaked out the clouds to give the movement in the sky. Loved the colors and dark shadows of the image. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

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New on 500px : Sweet As Lake by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

After a couple of failed sunrises last autumn of 2013 in Glenorchy, we decided to try our luck in Moke Lake. it was a 20 minute drive through bumpy roads of sheep and cow pastures from the town center.

This is one of those 0 degree morning, where we just got out from our beauty sleep and immediately dipping ourselves in knee high, stagnant, and freezing water. And oh, I can’t even describe how unpleasant the smell was. We still managed to wade through it. Stepped on these huge hays and got there just in time. Shot all the way until golden hour. One of my favorites. Cheers!

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New on 500px : Milky Way Hunter by gonswork by gonswork

One of my fave spots in Mojacar, the night skies always look amazing! please tell me your opinion of this photo in case some changes should be done =)

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New on 500px : Trees in the valley mist by rustiebin by rustiebin

Morning mist as the sun began to rise. The trees just managed to break through the mist.
Taken near Itchen Abbas, Hampshire.

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New on 500px : Final Light by FabianLong by FabianLong

Golden final seconds of sunlight for the day before disappearing into the other part of the globe. A branch of a coconut tree washed up on the beach with green moss growing on it.

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New on 500px : Expectations by snyder7 by snyder7

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* See it in black. Or not. I don’t care! Oh, and I was gonna go for some pedantic title like “Beams of Hope” or something silly like that, but opted against it.

From a recent trip down to northern California and then drive back to Seattle via highway 101 along the Oregon coast.

To this day one of my favorite Redwoods images is from my pal TJ Thorne, “Endor Redwoods” (http://ift.tt/1mwF27X) but I wanted to find my own comp at this location so I made the trip. I was hoping for some awesome conditions with dense fog and prime rhoddies.

Of course that wasn’t the case! Probably a high pressure system off the coast because it was nothing but clear, blue skies and not a single day with fog. Either am or pm. And so, these were the best conditions I found. And I actually like this quite a bit!

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