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New on 500px : Proxymity by MajeedBadizadegan by MajeedBadizadegan

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It all started when I had this crazy-person idea to precariously lean over a large boulder in about a foot and a half of rapids. I continued the good ideas by setting up my tripod in a very questionably safe way. The tripod was basically submerged, so at that point it was more of a subpod. I had the camera a few inches from the water. Between each shot, it was necessary to wipe the lens front. I drenched all my microfiber cloths in a matter of minutes.

Ok, enough of my dramatics. I worked pretty hard to get a clean foreground composition here at the famous Proxy Falls.

Thanks for looking.

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New on 500px : Arashiyama by lynchpin by lynchpin

The gorgeous Arashiyama bamboo forest walk in Kyoto, Japan. Bit of a tourist trap, but very lovely nonetheless.

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New on 500px : Scars by aleksandargospic by aleksandargospic

The eternal battle between land and water, in which the land always pulls the short end, often leaves fascinating scars

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New on 500px : Mælifell by TonySpencer by TonySpencer

Mælifellis a very beautiful extinct volcano on the edge of a glacier in the Southern Highlands of Iceland.

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