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New on 500px : Champagne supercell by MaxConradPhotography by MaxConradPhotography

Very rare and beautiful view of a strongly rotating supercellular thunderstorm lit up by frequent lightning and moonlight under a clear starry sky.
This photo was taken in the Champagne (Département Ardennes) near Rethel during a four day stormchasing tour through western Europe.

This is the same storm: http://ift.tt/1pvr60s


For several days parts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany have experienced a very rare weather pattern with exceptionally high energetic airmasses and strong wind shear. This lead to quite a few very strong thunderstorms racing over these areas again and again and again, most of them of supercellular nature.

During four days of strenuous stormchasing through France, Belgium and Germany mother nature showed us her power and beauty at her best – days like these are the reason for any stormchaser to go through all those agonizing moments of continuous decision making, weather forecasting, driving hundreds or thousands of kilometers may be for literally nothing, waiting bored for hours, missing the right spot, arriving too late or staying at the wrong place at the wrong time.

via 500px http://ift.tt/SWassK

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New on 500px : A Colorado Sunset by MikeOlbinski by MikeOlbinski

A stunning sunset along Interstate 70 near the border of Colorado and Kansas. A line of thunderstorms racing away makes for some beautiful skies at the end of a long day storm chasing.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1nBtbWe

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