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New on 500px : Maria Maior by schelpje67 by schelpje67

Dordrecht : the beautiful entrance to the Church Maria Maior built in 1843.
The St. Maria Maior is Dordrecht’s Old-Catholic church. It is a one-aisled building in neo-Classical style, designed by town-architect G.N. Itz and built in 1842-1843. The church is located at some distance from the public road, a reminder of the period of protestant rule; the current church replaced a hidden church, which was located behind a house. The house was demolished in the 1840’s.

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New on 500px : The Beauty of Zion by TreyRatcliff by TreyRatcliff

I can’t believe it took me so long to get to Utah… I love it!!!

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New on 500px : Palouse Falls by BasicElementsphoto by BasicElementsphoto

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Palouse falls in Washinton, USA. I did a lot of research prior to heading here and the one thing that people kept saying was it is in the middle of no wear. Let me tell you it is. Your driving along following the signs to the falls through the middle of the desert and it got to the point I thought it was a joke and I was being lead to no wear! Then you find the park and see the stunning falls infront of you. It is truly a beautiful place.

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New on 500px : Camping during the eruption by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

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Etna had an another one of its paroxysms. In this event me and my cousin reached the Valle del Bove, a great point to see the eruption of the Southeast Crater.
Initially, we had to seek shelter among the rocks because the wind was too strong, but it doesn’t worked; In fact, after we pitched the tent to get a greater repair but most especially to change the optics in peace.
For this photography I made an exposure for the sky and another for the ground, then I merged them toghether using Photoshop, finally I made some adjusting of contrast, light and shadow.

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