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New on 500px : Let It Shine by TjThorne by TjThorne


This one will look better by viewing on black. Click the photo to make that happen.

I don’t have many chances to get out to nature currently. “Life gets in the way of living” kind of stuff. When my friend Tula invited me on a hike on one of the busiest trails in Oregon on the Fourth of July… I felt no hesitation about tagging along.

I think my favorite image from the day is this one right here. I was hanging out in a cave when I noticed the backlit ferns. Not thinking anything of it.. I just started shooting. I was lucky enough to catch the sun peeking through the space between the top of the cave and the opposing ridge line. Water dripping down the outside cliff face adds another pleasing element to the scene.

Yeah.. there was a line at the payment box in the parking lot. Yeah.. there was barely any parking. Yup… there was a highway of people walking up the trail and cooling off in the waters. Yes.. I shot Punchbowl Falls. But sometimes when you have those chances to get out and immerse yourself in natural beauty you just need to suck it up and let that opportunity shine.

Thanks for reading.

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New on 500px : Alone by emman_morin by emman_morin

Composition of Skogafoss in Iceland. Big thank you to the tourist who suprisingly gave a little touch to my picture.

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New on 500px : Fairy Pools by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Fairy Pools

The Glen Brittle area in Southern Skye is one of the locations (of many) that I have pencilled down for many a return trip in the future once I can afford the time , travel cost, and independent enough kids to share the experience with. This is one of the easier hikes in the area which just happened to start glowing while the gear was stowed away. As soon as the tripod was in the right position, true gloom set in for the evening and the distant passing light had passed for good. Scotland was memorable for its passing light in our trip there in 2010.

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New on 500px : Cyborg by Shainblum by Shainblum

(Lots of shadow detail, PLEASE VIEW ON BLACK)

Here is a new image from Delicate Arch in Arches National Park Utah. The park has some incredible rock formations matched with a vivid night sky. Its a simple and very well shot composition, however I really wanted to bring my own take to the shot. I hope you all enjoy the image. 🙂

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New on 500px : Nature Grabs You by Shainblum by Shainblum

“Nature Grabs You”

Check it out on black!

I have had this composition in my head for quite some time now, sometimes a composition just grabs you “Literally”. This was shot on the Mesa in Santa Barbara. The sun pierced through the trees creating an awesome glow. This is a very different style of image for me and I am really pleased with the outcome. My goal for shooting this specific night was to make something interesting and compelling out of a blue sky, boring, sunset. It was great to just get out and have fun and try new things. I hope you guys enjoy the shot. If you do, help me out and click the share button.

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