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New on 500px : I’m flying, high up in the sky♪ ~⌒(・・)⌒~ by Carrie_QQ by Carrie_QQ

A very famous spot in Hong Kong, I visited there with my parents 2 years ago. The anvil-shaped building named ‘The Peak Tower’, has a large viewing platform called ‘Sky Terrace 428’ is the landmark and also the highest point on Hong Kong Island.

For me, the tower is just like a space ship…under the so blue sky.

Let’s SIMLE while being high up near the SKY 🙂


The Peak, Hong Kong:

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New on 500px : Hong Kong at Night by kennyandleah by kennyandleah

Our first visit to the far east included several nights in this amazing city. Hong Kong was truly a dream come true! Every night at 8 P.M. there is a laser light show for about 10 minutes. This water view is from our room in the Intercontinental Hotel…
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