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New on 500px : The Mount Washington Hotel by markbenedyczak by markbenedyczak

To celebrate the 4th of July: a bit of white, red, blue and for a good reason a lot of green. In 1944, The Mount Washington Hotel, located in New Hampshire, hosted the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference. Delegates from 44 nations convened, establishing the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, setting the gold standard at $35.00 an ounce and designating the United States dollar as the backbone of international exchange. The signing of the formal documents took place in the Gold Room, located off the Hotel Lobby and now preserved as an historic site. Well, seventy years later things are a bit different… but the view is still breathtaking.

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New on 500px : The Grandest Of All by Aperture_Variance by Aperture_Variance

The Bellagio – Amazing Hotel. Amazing Fountain. I ended up getting a lot of shots that morning but at night is when this one comes alive.

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